Ruyge Weyde



Tradition, craftsmanship and passion.

De Ruyge Weyde cheese farm is our 5th generation family business in Oudewater, where we have been preparing real Gouda farmer’s cheese since 1847.

The organic cheese farm De Ruyge Weyde is owned by the van Vliet family (Rien, Teuni, Rene & Sander), and the only organic cheese farm in the Netherlands where raw milk farmer’s cheese is combined with a milking robot and grazing for the cows.

The story goes back to 1847, from this year Krijntje de Koning started preparing cheese on this farm; raw milk farm cheese made from fresh milk from our own cows, prepared according to the traditional farm cheese recipe.


Now five generations later, we still do it in the same way. We are proud of this! Today there are is a maximum of 100 farmers in the Netherlands who still make real Gouda Farmer cheese from raw milk. A maximum of 10 of these are organic, like us.

The cheese farm has undergone a transformation over the years. To minimize our food print, we have switched to organic business operations, and we are virtually self-sufficient in our water and electricity. In addition to all our business activities, we started in 2016 with the realisation of our guesthouses on the farm. In 2017 the dream of the ”farmers daughter” Anja and her husband Tom came true, by becoming our new neighbors, a beautiful farm directly adjacent to ours.

The name Ruyge Weyde derives its name from the polder road on which the farm is located: the “Ruige Weide” which means: rough meadow

We can imagine that you have become very curious about our organic cheese farm. Below you can continue to the website of the farm, go on a journey of discovery, and find out what makes us so special