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The ultimate farm experience


Tradition, craftsmanship and passion

Excellent apartments, an inspiring environment, optimal hospitality and enjoy the real farm experience for all ages. You will experience that at the organic cheese farm De Ruyge Weyde.
Have you always wanted to spend the night at a unique location in the Netherlands that you will still talk about years later? When you spend the night at our organic cheese farm, you will go home with beautiful memories.
De Ruyge Weyde cheese farm is our 5th generation family business in Oudewater, where we have been preparing real Gouda farmer's cheese since 1847. We are the only organic cheese farm in the Netherlands where raw milk farmer's cheese is combined with a milking robot and grazing for the cows.
What is our main goal? That you and your guests experience a positive experience at our organic cheese farm. That there is a feeling of 'being at home' and that you feel part of our story. Because of the pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, but also because of all the available facilities.
You can taste the atmosphere of the modern and authentic cheese farm in our apartments. The apartments are furnished to a high end, equipped with every conceivable luxury and parking in front of the door.
What we do? Milking cows, taking care of animals, making cheese, organizing cheese tastings, running a shop, working land and thus inspiring our guests and visitors. We are Ruyge Weyde, your holiday experience that you would want to keep for a long time.

The organic cheese farm De Ruyge Weyde is owned by the van Vliet family (Rien, Teuni, Rene & Sander).

The story goes back to 1847, from this year Krijntje de Koning started preparing cheese on this farm; raw milk farm cheese made from fresh milk from our own cows, prepared according to the traditional farm cheese recipe.
Now five generations later, we still do it in the same way. We are proud of this! Today there are still a maximum of 100 farmers in the Netherlands who still make real Boerenkaas from raw milk. A maximum of 10 of these are organic, like us.

The cheese farm has undergone a transformation over the years. To minimize our food print, we have switched to organic business operations, and we are virtually self-sufficient in our water and electricity. In addition to all our business activities, we started in 2016 with the realization of our holiday homes on the farm. In 2017 the dream of sister Anja (the farmers Daughter) and her husband Tom came true, by becoming our new neighbors, a beautiful farm directly adjacent to ours.

The name Ruyge Weyde derives its name from the polder road on which the farm is located: the “Ruige Weide”.

The ultimate farm experience

The farm is a place where the most beautiful elements of life come together. The feeling of being part of nature, our place in the circle of life. There is no age to enjoy nature and (farm) animals. Pet the calves and horses, taste the organic products in the farm shop, pick up your own eggs in the chicken coop, feed the goats and see a calf born with a bit of luck.

Location and area

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A perfect stay starts with the ideal location. Our location is centrally located in the Netherlands in the Groene Hart (45 min from Schiphol Airport). If you book your stay with us, you will get maximum return from your holiday, as all major cities and tourist attractions can be reached within 45 minutes… Think of the attractions: Kinderdijk, Zaanse Schans, Efteling and Keukenhof and cities such as Utrecht, Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Scheveningen beach. In the folder on the left you can see where Ruyge Weyde accommodation relative to those attractions is located. 

There is plenty to see and do on our organic cheese farm. In addition to all the beautiful sights in the area, the location is the ideal base to unwind and enjoy the surroundings. On our organic cheese farm is the farm shop with all kinds of organic products and different types of animals enjoy the stay on the farm. Curious what the farm looks like and which animals live on the farm? See the map of the farm on the right.

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